Ever wanted a seamless and accurate tracking of your workout routine, without having to do all the hard work ? We’ll give it to you!



Our product logs your workout routine and shows you the results real-time. We’ll document your progress and you can access the information all day, every day.



Do you operate a fitness facility and want to know how to optimize your business ? We’ll show you how !


Silverberg Technologies was founded in 2013 with the goal of becoming a leading developer of tech oriented solutions for the fitness industry.  Our passion lies in aiding people in the pursuit of success and inspiring them to live a healthy lifestyle.  With innovation as a guiding light and armed with cutting edge technology, the company seeks to develop a product that enables people to track and log their physical progress in a more efficient way than ever before.

Our Product

The company develops automatic tracking equipment for fitness facilities.  The equipment tracks and logs the physical activities of the users without any inconvenience for them.  It monitors their cardio and weight training activities and can automatically pick up information and log weights, number of sets and repetitions, distance traveled, time and more.  The user can access this information live via computer or handheld devices.  The user interface presents all data beneficial to the user and holds all the information he might wish for.  There, he can monitor his progress in various activities and exercises over a certain period and compare himself to others.

Our cutting edge technology allows us to detect mechanical changes in fitness machines and identify each user, separating him from others.  The raw data that’s acquired from our equipment is processed with the help of custom algorithms to make sure the results are useful and accurate before being presented to the user.

Meet the Team

Ásbjörn Sigurjónsson

Ásbjörn Sigurjónsson


B.Sc. Industrial Engineering

Þorsteinn Jökull Nielsen

Þorsteinn Jökull Nielsen


B.Sc. Industrial Engineering

Valgeir Erlendsson

Valgeir Erlendsson


B.A. Economics

Snorri Örn Daníelsson

Snorri Örn Daníelsson


B.Sc. Computer Science

Daníel Eldjárn Vilhjálmsson

Daníel Eldjárn Vilhjálmsson

Sr. Hardware Engineer

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

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